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Birthdate:Jul 25, 1985
Location:near Cologne, Germany

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21 grams, 30 seconds to mars, adrianne palicki, alexi laiho, american beauty, angelina jolie, angels fall first, anti-heroes, benicio del toro, beyond the veil, black no.1, boytouching, carmina burana, cherry coke, children of bodom, chuck palahniuk, chucks, cinema, classic rock, closer, coffee, colin/jared, concerts, corpse bride, corsets, damsels in distress, denmark, die kleinen teekannen, docs, echelon, edward morgan blake, edward/laurie, elves, english classics, english literature, fanfiction, final fantasy, finland, fiona apple, from hell, german expressionist poetry, ghost love score, greek mythology, hair, hate crew love, heavenly creatures, helsinki, henri seppälä, hephaistion/alexander, in extremo, jared leto, jared/colin, jaska raatikainen, jeffrey dean morgan, jesus christ superstar, john/jess, johnny depp, keyboard/guitar sex, lady of sorrow, lauri porra, laurie juspeczyk, literature, lord of the rings, lost in translation, love-hate relationships, mads mikkelsen, mexican food, music, musicals, natalie portman, nationalmannschaft, norway, open hearts, paris/hector, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, queer as folk, rain, requiem for a dream, rps, sally jupiter, scandinavian literature, scarlett johansson, secret window, shannon leto, shannon/tomo/jared/matt, sin city, slash, snatch(movie), snufkin, soccerslash, stipe erceg, supernatural, sweaty keyboard players, tequila sunrise, the comedian, the crow, the iliad, the moomins, the perfume, the siren, the vampire chronicles, tomo milicevic, travelling alone, tristan, tuomas holopainen, unconventional pairings, vanilla, viggo mortensen, viggorli, watching the watchmen, watchmen, weird associations, white caffeè mocha, white lilies, writing, ₪ ø Ξ .o·
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